Can I commission artwork or buy an original?

The short answer is “yes”, however some artwork featured on this website has already been sold. If you would like to purchase an original Sea Life Art illustration then please contact Mike with details of your commission. A reference of similar works is appreciated, also clearly state the artwork that is to be created. Please note a 50% deposit will be required prior to starting an art commission, the remaining 50% is payable on completion. Finally, for each commission that is produced (plus all artwork created for, MJWARD UK Limited reserve reproduction rights.

How much does original artwork cost?

Prices will vary. Mike charges for time and material, his hourly rate is £50 ex vat. To give you an idea of cost, most artwork featured on this website (predominantly pen on A4 watercolour paper) takes him between 1 and 4 hours to create. Obviously if you wanted a pretty complex illustration or a big oil painting, this would take much longer. If you have a budget set for your artwork then please include this in the details of your commission.

Do you sell Sea Life Art prints?

If you would like to buy a print then please email Mike with your size and print requirements. From here he will review his artwork, and assess how best to proceed and deliver. If you would like your artwork signed and dated then let Mike know, he will factor this into his quote and lead-time.

What is your availability?

Mike is currently available for new art projects and commissions. If you have a project in mind then please contact him asap...

Can I become a Sea Life Art sponsor?

Yes, we are looking for new sponsors and would love to hear from you. If you would like to add your logo/photo plus a little write up then please email today! We have limited space available so please be quick. Sponsored links are visible on every page, so the more artwork Mike adds the more links you will obtain - how cool is that! A link back to your website is called a “backlink”, these are great for Google search and digital marketing. Each sponsored link will be reviewed prior to it being added, a small annual admin fee may also apply.

What do you draw with?

Mike illustrates with fine artist pens on high quality watercolour paper. Most artwork is from his imagination, however a quick Google search is sometimes required to help with subject matter accuracy. Once a drawing is completed it ends up on Instagram. Artwork is later scanned and a digital version created. This digital version sometimes gets worked on or edited, colour added via Photoshop etc...

Can I use your artwork?

The short answer is “no”, not without written permission and/or an agreement in place that covers money made through reselling Mike’s artwork. You are not permitted to resell or distribute Sea Life Art illustrations via any other website(s) and/or promotional material. All artwork showcased on this website is the property of MJWARD UK Limited and you should not be downloading or editing his work without permission.

Who is Tidy Design?

Tidy Design is a web development, design and marketing agency based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Founded in 2007, Tidy Design is a well established company with old fashioned values - they put great emphasis on building long lasting client relationships and delivering quality products. Tidy Design love’s to think outside the box, developing new ideas, creating unique company identities and increasing brand awareness. Sea Life Art is a Tidy Design side-project, a website setup to promote their fine art, creativity and illustration services.

Hiring an illustrator in Hampshire?

Mike has always enjoyed fine art, creative writing and illustration. Art forms a big part of his life, both past and present. Be it studying a "BA (Hons) Communication Design" degree at the University of Portsmouth, learning about "Graphic Design" at college, or drawing at home for his two young boys... Mike likes to think outside the box, creating imaginative graphics and bespoke artwork. If you are looking to hire an illustrator based in Portsmouth, Hampshire then please give Mike a call today!

How best to contact Mike?

Have a Sea Life Art related question then please email Mike directly on If you are commissioning some bespoke artwork then please include as much info as possible about your expectations and requirements. Mike is also on twitter and Instagram, please feel free to send him a DM anytime.

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