World Ocean Day 2021 Read The Story

World Ocean Day 2021

Back in 2020 I got chatting with a teacher at Court Lane Junior School. A mutual friend of ours had made her aware of my Sea Life Art project.

World Ocean Day 2021 popped up in conversation, giving the kids something “ocean themed” to digest on the day.

World Ocean Day for Schools

The spec: Write and illustrate a short ocean themed story based on Court Lane Junior School. It will be down to the children to finish it off. A mix of sea life research, creative writing and drawings.

The result: A logo re-design! Teachers got turned into sea creatures! An ocean story filled with fun facts and humour. I hope you enjoy it.

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Hello, my name is Mike, and I created Sea Life Art. Earlier this year I decided to write a short story for Court Lane Junior School. The story is not yet finished, I was hoping you could help.

On the 8th of June every year we celebrate World Ocean Day. This is a global event, designed to promote a healthier ocean for everyone. My story is about World Ocean Day and life at an underwater school. I hope you enjoy it.

Maybe you can visit Mrs Gibbons in the library and find some cool books about sea life? The most important thing is to have fun, and use that amazing imagination of yours. Good luck!


  • Your story does not need to rhyme
  • What sea creature would you like to be, and why?
  • What do you love about our ocean?
  • How does the ocean help us?

World Ocean Day

This is a story about a school, I think you know it’s name
Where little sharks and fishies go, the school is called Court Lane
Ocean creatures near and far, they come to learn and play
But every year they take the time, to focus on this day…

“Now do you know what day it is?” Asked Mrs Wait
A friendly dolphin teacher, patrolling the school gate
“It’s World Oceans Day!” said Sid the squid, waving bye to mum
Disappearing into a cloud of ink, squirted from its bum

“Correct!” Says Mrs Flitton, the friendly hammerhead
Circling the playground, listening to what’s being said
Hammerheads can hear other fishies, over one mile away!
So remember to be good at school, and careful what you say…

The caretaker Mr Davies shouts, “WOW a giant cloud!”
“It really is impressive, your mother will be proud!”
But squids squirt ink to disappear, something must be wrong
Snapping his giant lobster claws, “quickly move along!”

Just then the waves got bigger, the sky turned all grey
It didn’t take very long to see, a storm was on its way
Mrs Wheeler wiggles her octopus arms, directing kids to class
Telling the smaller fishies, “Don’t worry it will pass”

In a classroom down the hall, a question from Mrs Dawson
A cool creative turtle, whose art is pretty awesome
“Now children it’s a stormy day, just look outside and see
But can you think of an ocean story, you can share with me?”

A little shark raises a fin, “can I write about my dinner?”
A tuna fish then suggested, “what about the fastest swimmer?”
“Great work!” says Mrs Dawson “any more ideas?”
A jellyfish softly whispered, “I’ve lived 1000 years!”

Next door was Miss Bailey, the mighty manta ray
English teachers love fun facts, on World Ocean Day
“Now we are all very different, from plankton to puffers
But without a healthy ocean, everybody suffers”

“A scary fact, so sad but true, I think you’d all agree
We really need to think about, what happens to the sea”
Little bits of plastic, fishing nets and pollution
Mr Barrett studied law, maybe he has a solution?

It’s time to start your story. Get creative, have some fun
What happens next is up to you, my work here is done
Something to remember, everything is linked
So if we don’t protect our ocean, all could be extinct…

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Bespoke graphic design and illustration work by Michael Jon Ward