My Tools

When it comes to creating Sea Life Art I use a variety of different media. Below is a selection of artistic equipment, tools and technology that I love. As an Amazon Associate I do get commissions for purchases made through links on this page. This money helps to support Sea Life Art and future projects.

iPad Pro

Probably my best investment of 2020! I truly love the new iPad Pro for its arty tech, portability and power. I opted for the smaller 11 inch iPad Pro so I could take it everywhere. For viewing artwork on a bigger screen, I simply AirDrop it over to my Mac.

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Apple Pencil

I read a lot of reviews prior to buying this tech that said the second generation Apple Pencil was far superior to the first. Personally, I’ve found its pinpoint accuracy to be a revelation. I love using it to draw, and also as a navigational tool.

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iPad Pro Soft Shell

Having two young boys means my home is often a little crazy, plus my eldest loves to draw! We all know the iPad Pro is not cheap, so buying some protection is advisable, especially if you’re letting your kids have a go.

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iPad Pro Case

I bought this case for added protection, since the iPad Pro is a valuable investment worth some extra care. The case looks pretty smart and can hold an iPad Pro inside a soft-shell case, giving twice the protection! I like the idea of driving to the beach on a stormy day, sitting in my car and sketching the waves, so having a decent case is important.

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Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner

Recommended to me by a good mate, this screen cleaner is super quick and easy to use. A good buy if (like me!) you have young kids with sticky fingers touching your screen – we gotta keep our screens shiny!

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MacBook Pro

When it comes to editing the Sea Life Art website, adding new artwork or writing stories, I turn to my MacBook. I did a lot of my earlier sea life drawings on paper, later scanning them and adding colour with Photoshop. For tasks like file compression or adding typography, I find the Mac a godsend.

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External Backup

When creating digital art or assets it’s important to maintain up-to-date backups. I have always liked the look and feel of the LaCie Rugged, with its sturdiness and compact size. My advice is to have a few backups (I own a couple of these).

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Quality Paper

I will often pick up a decent sketchbook or two from The Range – I think their art department is awesome! That said, I have purchased a few of these Daler Rowney sketchbooks online, and they are fantastic. Quality paper makes all the difference when drawing or painting, so for your special sketches these are a great investment.

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Nice Pens

A quality built pen delivering fine lines and high precision arty doodles! With a huge range of nibs to choose from, this pen ideal for artists, illustrators and designers. Being water resistant, they don’t smudge – a big pro for someone like me who draws by the sea. But then, who likes a smudgy pen?

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Commission some artwork

Bespoke graphic design and illustration work by Michael Jon Ward